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Creating 3D Characters for Book Covers Using DAZ Studio

Creating a cover for the book you've just written can be a daunting task for many writers, especially those without the resources to hire an artist or the talent to do it themselves. 

In a first of several tutorials covering book cover design, Robert walks you through the process of creating your own 3D character using DAZ Studio. He'll show you how to select a model, dress and light it and even how to import it into Photoshop for further tweaking.

You can find more information about DAZ Studio here:


Stay tuned, we'll be showing you other ways to create your own covers for both your print and electronic books.

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Cold Brew Iced Coffee Tutorial

Writers sometimes need a stimulant to inspire or get them through the next few hundred or thousand words. Here at Story2Pixel.com, our favorite stimulant is NO1UKN0's getting to be famous Cold Brew Iced Coffee. 

The idea behind Cold Brew coffee is to brew the grounds without heat. Using heat to brew coffee can generate acid which leads to bitterness. Removing heat from the brewing equation, leads to a smoother coffee.

I first found out about Cold Brew while working in New Orleans on a TV show years ago. Cold Brew Coffee in the Crescent City is practically an institution and the LA crew members quickly adapted. If you ever find yourself in New Orleans (trust me, you owe it to yourself to make the trip), head on over to my favorite place: 


It's a hidden little gem of a courtyard secreted at the end of an alley behind St. Louis Cathedral in the Jackson Square part of the French Quarter. It can be a little tough to find but it's well worth it.

The premise is simple. You need a decent quality MEDIUM ROAST (this is key - with a dark roast coffee you end up tasting the roast more than the coffee) coffee. In New Orleans, they use Colombian. My personal preference is Trader Joe's Joe - Medium Roast. I like to use a DRIP or AUTO DRIP grind. If you go too course on the grind, it is easier to filter but the coffee is weaker. If you go with a finer grind, the coffee ends up richer and more robust...yes...but the tradeoff is it is very difficult to filter.

This is what you'll need for 1 week's worth of coffee:

  • 1 - 14oz can of coffee
  • 2+ liters of water
  • kitchen strainer
  • several containers for the creation and storage of the coffee concentrate
  • Aeropress Coffee Maker
  • a sturdy cup to Aeropress filter the coffee into (I use a sturdy stainless steel iced coffee cup - it does need to be strong to withstand the force you'll be using to press the coffee)

For every 14oz can of coffee, I use over 2 liters of water (fill a 1 liter measuring cup as far past the 1 liter mark as you can).

The coffee will be good for around 2 weeks (any longer than that and it starts tasting funky). I got tired of brewing 1 can at a time every week so I now brew 2 batches at a time for 2 weeks of caffeinated bliss.

Please see the above video for full details and helpful tips not included in the above text.

Stay tuned for more Writer's Lifestyle tutorials!



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